Why outsourcing?

The advantages of outsourcing over maintaining internal accounting or HR and payroll functions within an organisation:

  1. To reduce costs and improve cost control over:
    – hiring,
    – employee training,
    – monitoring changes in the law,
    – purchasing it hardware and software,
    – tax, legal and accounting advice.
  2.  To enable the company to focus on key, basis activities which result in growth in the assets of the owner and on increasing effectiveness;
  3. To maintain the confidentiality of e.g. payroll data;
  4. To transfer risk to Ecovis;
  5. To gain access to contemporary solutions and expert knowledge, including in the areas of law, taxation, auditing and IT;
  6. An interdisciplinary and flexible team guaranteeing reliable, solid and professional service;
  7. Freedom to choose business partners.

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